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Welcome to Pocket Wanderers, where the horizon isn't ​just a view, but a beckoning invitation. We specialize in ​crafting unforgettable cruise experiences that ​encapsulate the allure of the ocean, offering you a ​unique blend of exploration, relaxation, and luxury. We're ​a passionate mother/daughter (Kelli and Megan) duo ​dedicated to helping you explore the world..

Kelli loves to travel, Megan loves to stay home and ​ensure she can do that without breaking the bank. We ​understand that every traveler is different, and so is ​every journey.

At Pocket Wanderers, we provide expert advice to ​travelers to pursue their wanderlust. Our mission is to ​help you discover unique destinations, while offering ​practical tips and resources.

We're committed to building a vibrant community of like-​minded travelers, where you can share your experiences, ​ask questions, and find inspiration for your next ​adventure. Let us guide you through the world's most ​beautiful waterways, coasts, and harbors. Set sail with ​us, and discover a world of oceanic wonders.

Happy wandering, Megan and Kelli

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